Habari Adventure is based in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. The owner, Stan Wilfred has lived in Tanzania all of his life. When he was 18 years old he worked as a porter and after two years he became a mountain guide on Mountain Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru.

Growing up in Moshi ignited his passion for hiking the surrounding mountains and exploring his heritage.  His big dream was to found his own company that’s why he decided to go to the Moshi Cooperative University for studies in business, and to the MWEKA WILDLIFE COLLEGE OF AFRICA to study Tourism.

With Habari Adventures his dream came true..

Why did he start the company?

Stan wants to create more jobs for porters and guides with better salaries and working conditions. He takes care of the porter’s welfare and wants to give something back to the community.

Our Team

On any trip, the quality of your journey is greatly impacted by your tour guide. Here at Habari Adventure, we have top-notch tour guides who consistently go above and beyond expectations to provide you with an outstanding experience.

All of our tour guides are locals, from Kilimanjaro and other parts of Tanzania. Their expertise includes local flora and fauna, geography, history, archaeology, anthropology, and astronomy, and every one of them is trained in safety and first aid. Trekking and Going on Safaris through Tanzania with one of our tour guides will be an incredible learning experience.

All of our tour guides speak English and most of them learned some foreign languages at one of the most established schools in Tanzania. They specialized in tour guiding and Wildlife Management in all tourism activities.

We call our porters the Green Army because they are the heroes of our expeditions. They carry camping equipment, duffel bags, tents, and food. We pride ourselves on treating our porters well and providing for all their needs. We provide our porters with the best outdoor equipment and a good salary in exchange for the extremely valuable service they provide with consideration of Kilimanjaro Porters Organization & Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project standards.

Our Ambitions

We hope to build an entirely sustainable company that provides top-quality service to visitors, while at the same time, supporting the community and conserving our natural environment against global warming.

Why should I travel with Habari Adventure?

HABARI ADVENTURES is a 100% local and fair company. We have the best camping logistics, the best guides and porters as well as a big variety of tours. We take care of your individual needs and wishes and provide the best quality to create an amazing time in Tanzania.

Our Goals are  

  • Create your unforgettable adventure
  • Provide the best quality services
  • Educate about Tanzanian culture and history
  • Offer memorable and enjoyable trekking and safari experience
  • Maintain a 100 percent locally owned company
  • Uphold the view of supporting our local community
  • Provide equitable working conditions to our employees

Our Vision

To become the leading company in all tourism activities by offering the best quality and individual tours to create an amazing and happy time for our customers.

Our Values

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Transparency
  • Time management
  • Clients become our friends
  • Commitment to the culture and society
  • Work as a team by sharing knowledge, experience and dedication
  • Creativity and innovation from solidarity
  • Made by Tanzanians

WE Got You Covered

Rich Experiences

We deliver extraordinary adventure encounters and deeply meaningful experiences. We help discerning travelers and safari lovers really experience Tanzania, and we do so in the most responsible way.


Superbly situated services we give immediate access to extraordinary concentration in any trip.

Positive Impact

Habari adventure takes a leading role in all adventures sustainability and community enrichment.

Building Memories

Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times

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Client Served

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“Adventure – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

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We are a local Tanzanian company ready for your tailor-made Safari programs suitable for your perfect vacation for a memorable & remarkable tour. Clients are given an opportunity to customize everything on the trip at an affordable cost.