Day trips are the best way to experience different places for those clients having a short holiday. For those of you not wishing to undertake the short climb, cycle, and experience some of the natural beauty on offer in Kilimanjaro and Arusha these trips are perfect for you. Habari Adventure takes you to explore the lifestyle of the people in those geographical areas, the food, the history of those people, their art, architecture, religion(s), and other elements of their way of living. In Tanzania, you can visit some places like waterfalls, mountain climbs, caves, lakes, and museums, or you meet different tribes like Chagga, Hadzabe, and Maasai based on your preferences.

Note; All package below is for one day but if you need  to add more days, especially for cycling we can prepare the best itinerary for you  also Our day trips and culture tour ranges from adventures activities such as hiking, walking, and cycling


Maasai Society

Maasai is one of our tribes in Tanzania and all over Africa. Until today they practice their culture, beliefs, and their activities such as livestock keeping and traditional medicine.

Chagga Tour

Chagga is a famous tribe in Northern part of Tanzania, during colonial rule they had a local leader known as Mangi. Because his leader was very strictly at that time Chagga people became very creative and hard worker

Coffee Tour

Habari Adventure take you to learn more about Kilimanjaro coffee which is also a bit milder than Kenya coffee and often presents a smooth, velvety texture with hints of black currant.

Sieni Forest & Caves

This is the best forest found around the slopes of Kilimanjaro, surrounded by 4 villages of Chagga people and bordered by two big rivers.

Marangu Day Trip

MARANGU route is the oldest and most popular route in Kilimanjaro. One day hiking gives you a greater chance to test your body how fit you are and learn more about mountain Kilimanjaro history, common species like flowers and birds also you will experience blue and Colobus monkeys.

Materuni Waterfall

This is the highest waterfall in east Africa at 150 meters and spectacular. It found on the slopes of mountain Kilimanjaro and surrounded by a lush indigenous forest.

Chemka Hotspring

A wonderful hot spring where you can relax and swim in the warm water. You will be pick up at your hotel followed by 1 hour driveto Chemka Hot Springs. We start on paved road towards Arusha, before turning left into gravel road which takes 30 minutes.

Lake Chala Day Trip

Most famous lake in Kilimanjaro which marks the border between Tanzania and Kenya on the Eastern edge. It’s a crater lake which is fed by groundwater flows, comes from Kilimanjaro. Depends on the time of year, it ranges in colour from deep blue to green it is surrounded by a 100 meters high crater rim.

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